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For thousands of years, they have been manipulating us by stealth. Dr Alex Devenport gets hold of secret files showing horrific mind control experiments. Arturo Bruno discovers artificial parasitic en


Humanity is an experiment run by the Watchers. Some people are waking up to this but is it too late? Arturo Bruno heads a radical group called M-Power that stands against human mind control. But what


Professor Chynna Zheng a virologist with the Wuhan Virology Institute, discovers anomalies in the original Coronavirus diagnosis. She shows her findings to The Institute Director, who doctors her repo


While sailing to New Zealand the Delaware hits a rocky reef near a large island that did not officially exist. The stranded people became castaways and have to learn to survive in their natural enviro


A passenger jet crashes in the peaceful English countryside. Secret documents on board go missing, along with Lisa Parton, the air crash investigator


A private detective takes on an extraordinary case. He is hired by a computer gamer to go back in time to find out if Vincent van Gogh's shooting was suicide or murder.


Oswald Doyle, private investigator, while searching for a missing Thesbian becomes intrigued about the life and death of the Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe. Jennifer Smethurst, the genius


Private detective Oswald Doyle is back, and this time he is investigating the theft of a missing letter written by Albert Pike. As the case unfolds, Doyle comes across a journal written by Silas Pearc

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09.10 | 01:06

Hi Chris, just finished reading your trilogy, ANUNNAKI. Great read and loved the way you tied all that info into a novel series. I hope to meet you to discuss similar information.

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