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A quest to find ancient ET technology in Iraq finds a team of scientists caught up in a race against time to stop a powerful global cartel from aiding the return of an ancient alien civilisation.


After an assassination attempt on the Pope, cardinals in the Vatican are targeted for execution by agents working for the 'Black Pope' the Jesuarian General. Some years later, Derek Philips, a Jesuari


A huge question mark hangs over what happened in America on September 11, 2001. Conspiracy theories are rife, and the official doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Joab Rackham, an investigative journalist, s


On July 7, 2005, bombs exploded on underground trains and a bus. Four men carrying homemade bombs got blamed. But all was not what it seemed. Joab Rackham, an investigative journalist uncovers a much


Three bodies are discovered in a disused nunnery in Ilfracombe. They appear to have nothing in common with each other except being left together on the cold stone floor. As the police delve into the


Nanotechnology can be a boon to humanity but it can also be our worst nightmare. the new group (new ethical world) seeks to have this exciting new science used for the good of all. others will resort


While sailing to New Zealand the Delaware hits a rocky reef near a large island that did not officially exist. The stranded people became castaways and have to learn to survive in their natural enviro


A passenger jet crashes in the peaceful English countryside. Secret documents on board go missing, along with Lisa Parton, the air crash investigator

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09.10 | 01:06

Hi Chris, just finished reading your trilogy, ANUNNAKI. Great read and loved the way you tied all that info into a novel series. I hope to meet you to discuss similar information.

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